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The Name Stamp Story

Our Story

Once upon a time , there were two best friends named Sticky and Stampy who loved helping others. One day , they were helping a classmate find their lost pencil case, but there were so many pencil cases that looked the same! That’s when Sticky had a brilliant idea,”What if we create cute stickers that kids can put on their belongings to identify them?” Stampy was thrilled with the suggestion and added, "Yes! And we can make stamps too! Kids love stamps!"

Sticky and Stampy spent hours designing the most adorable stickers and stamps they could think of. There were sparkly stars, colorful unicorns, and adorable animals. Their goal was to ensure that every child would discover something they loved and make it their own.

Their classmates were delighted when Sticky and Stampy showed them their creations. Before long, everyone wanted to have their own unique stickers and stamps to showcase their individuality.

And that’s how NameStamp.com was born! Today, they continue to create the most adorable and enjoyable products, with the mission of assisting every child in expressing their distinct style and keeping their possessions in order.

So why not make your own personalized Name Stamp?!

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