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Explore the Wild Side of Labeling with Name Stamp - Animal Assortment

Explore the Wild Side of Labeling with Name Stamp - Animal Assortment

Explore the Wild Side of Labeling with Name Stamp - Animal Assortment

Dive into the world of fun and functional labeling with the Name Stamp - Animal Assortment, a delightful tool designed to bring a wild twist to personalizing your belongings. Whether it's for sprucing up your kids' daycare items or adding a touch of whimsy to your own essentials, this stamp collection turns the chore of labeling into an exciting safari adventure.

A Stamp for Every Animal Lover

The Animal Assortment collection is a dream come true for animal enthusiasts of all ages. From the majestic roar of a lion to the gentle flutter of a butterfly, these playful animal stamps add a vibrant and cheerful touch to clothes, papers, and more. Measuring 1.7"L x 0.7"W x 1.9"H, each stamp is the perfect size for creating clear, adorable impressions on a variety of materials including fabric, paper, cardboard, and some plastics.

Long-Lasting Impressions, Naturally Safe

With the Name Stamp Ink, say hello to vibrant, lasting impressions and goodbye to worries about safety and durability. The ink, made from 100% natural ingredients, is kind to sensitive skin and tough against the challenges of daily life. Waterproof and resilient, it withstands up to 50 washes, ensuring that your animal friends stay by your side for the long haul.

Customization as Easy as 1-2-3

Personalizing your Name Stamp - Animal Assortment is a walk in the park. Start by clicking "Start Customizing," then unleash your creativity by entering the name to be engraved. Add an optional second line or pick your favorite animal icon to accompany your text. If you prefer a more minimalist look, simply opt out of the icon. The final step? Add your creation to the cart and get ready to stamp your way to organized joy.

Bring a Roar to Your Routine

In sum, the Name Stamp - Animal Assortment is more than just a tool for organization; it's a playful companion in your daily journey. It encourages creativity, adds fun to functionality, and ensures that your items never stray into the wilderness of the lost and found.


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